2018 Lemonade Daze Show Schedule

Warm up times and ride schedule are now available.  There is always the possibility that the schedule may change but there shouldn’t be any major changes.

Just a few reminders:

  1. When you first arrive please come to the show office to sign a waiver and to pick up your numbers.
  2. If you haven’t sent confirmation of your EC and MHC memberships already please provide those when you first arrive.
  3. If you haven’t sent a copy of your coggins test result to the Show Secretary, please provide a copy when you first arrive.
  4. You must have numbers on your horse whenever your horse leaves its stall.
  5. The Show Secretary will open the show office at 11 AM on Friday, but no riding until the Steward, Michelle Taplin, has arrived at 12PM.
  6. Be safe and have fun.
  7. 2018 Emergency Action Plan

Schedules (PDF)

2018 Lemonade Daze Friday Warmup Schedule

2018 Lemonade Daze Friday Order of Go

2018 Lemonade Daze Saturday Order of Go

2018 Lemonade Daze Sunday Order of Go