July Dressage Show and COVID-19

Hi Everyone,
Westman Dressage has made the difficult decision to cancel our July 2020 show. There is still too much uncertainty around COVID-19.
On Monday June 1, Manitoba is initiating many aspects of the phase 2 reopening plan and it will likely be several weeks before we know the impact of this on the number of COVID-19 cases. That would be too late of a date to give participant adequate notice that the show is cancelled. There are still a lot of travel restrictions in place and we are not even sure if the contracted judge, who is from Ontario, would be allowed into the province. In addition, the Manitoba Government has indicated no competition, for any sport, may resume without the Provincial Health Officers approval of return to play protocols. MHC is working hard on these protocols, but they are still in the process of being finalized.
We still plan to go forward with the September show, however, that could change depending on how things develop with the phase 2 re-opening. We appreciate your continued patience as we continue to monitor the situation.
Tammy McKenzie on behalf of the Westman Dressage Board