Dressage Scholarship

Dressage Winnipeg has offered Dressage Scholarships to riders for a number of years to continue the work of Captain John Kenyeres who shaped Dressage in Manitoba through his many years teaching at Westgates Horse Centre. This year, they invited Westman Dressage to participate and Susana Danyliuk worked with the Westman Dressage and Dressage Winnipeg board to come up with a great program that we are thrilled to be a part of.

New Dressage Scholarships 2013 – For Junior and AA Riders

by Merelyn Hunkin


After lengthy deliberation, a DW committee composed of Merelyn Hunkin, Ashley Fudge and Christine Stevens have revamped the scholarship programs offered by DW. Captain de Kenyeres had this vision to support and promote the growth of dressage in our province. We are adding the adult AA category as an extension of his dream. DW felt that this new category was significant since we have numerous riders who would qualify for and benefit from, this scholarship opportunity. We would encourage all eligible riders to enter this scholarship program. The format for participating in the scholarship program is not difficult!

DW is also pleased to welcome the participation of Westman Dressage this year .Westman Dressage riders are eligible for these scholarships as well. Westman Dressage would monetarily support the Scholarhip Program on a pro-rated basis. If Westman members entered a section of the scholarship, then Westman Dressage will be pro-rated for that section of the scholarship program. ( Example- If Westman had two riders applying for the 11-15 scholarship, then Westman Dressage would pay a percentage on that section of the scholarship.) This does not affect individual riders entering the scholarship programs.

Scholarships will be offered for the following categories:

(A) de Kenyeres Junior Rider Development Scholarships

  1. Two scholarships worth $250.00 each for the age group 11-15 years
  2. Two scholarships worth $300.00 each for the age group 16-21 years

(B) AA Riders Scholarships

Two scholarships worth $300.00 each for riders aged 22 years or older, who are AA riders competing no higher than First Level currently.


Entry Requirements:

The riders would have to pay for and send in their entry of $10.00 for the scholarship program by July 16 , 2013. The riders would have to complete the requisite quiz and return it to Merelyn Hunkin by August 16, 2013. The riders would have to enter an equitation class, either at a bronze or gold dressage show run run by DW or Westman prior to the final DW show in September, 2013. Entrants at each level would have to be members of Dressage Winnipeg who have not won a scholarship at this level before.


All entrants who compete for the scholarships would have to enter the final de Kenyeres equitation class at the September, 2013 DW show, but would not be required to enter any other classes at the show. If they did not enter any other classes , they would still be required to pay any office fees required by the show. Entrants would only be able to win a scholarship once in each category.


Selection of Winning Entries:

The winners of the scholarships would be determined by the following criteria:

  1. 30% of the total marks would come from the results of the quiz.
  2. 30% of the total marks would come from the results of the highest equitation score, which must be 65% or more, from the rider’s bronze or gold dressage DW or Westman competitions.
  3. 40% of the total marks would come from the rider’s DK equitation score at the final DW show in September.
  4. Entrants to the program would have to achieve an overall total score of 65% to be eligible for a scholarship.


Registration forms for the scholarship programs can be downloaded by clicking here or from Merelyn Hunkin ( Phone # 204-267-2889 or email merelyn@xplornet.ca).. The quizzes will be sent to the entrants immediately upon entering the scholarship programs. They can be mailed ( Merelyn Hunkin , Box 206, Oakville, Manitoba, R0H0Y0) or emailed to Merelyn.