Show Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are essential for Westman Dressage to host its two EC sanctioned shows every year. This year the two shows will be held on July 12 & 13, 2014 and September 13 & 14, 2014. Westman Dressage greatly appreciates the help that we have received from volunteers in the past show seasons. Westman Dressage will need the help of volunteers in order to have a successful 2014 show season. At each show we have a number of volunteer positions that we need to fill in order for the show to run smoothly. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Terry McKenzie at Following are the positions that need to be filled both Saturday and Sunday:

Job title Job duration
Scribe All day or can split into morning and afternoon
Announcer Morning Afternoon
Gate person Morning Afternoon
Runner Morning Afternoon
Scorekeeper assistant Morning Afternoon (two for Sunday afternoon)
Arena set up Thursday evening
Arena take down Sunday after completion of show