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Fall Festival 2019 EC Bronze Entry Form

Show dates: September 13th, 14th, & 15th, 2019. CLOSING DATE Friday, August 16th at MIDNIGHT.

Upon completion of this form your entry will be submitted to the Show Secretary.

New payment options for 2019

  1. Full entry fees via PayPal
  2. NEW: $50 deposit via PayPal
  3. NEW: Full entry fees via e-transfer
  4. NEW: $50 deposit via e-transfer
  5. Offline payment via cash or cheque

Horse Information

If you are interested please provide us with some information about your horse that you would like to the announcer to mention throughout the competition. This could include training, pedigree, quirks, etc. This information makes the show more interesting for those who are spectating.
In order to participate in the Fall Festival dressage show, a current (within 6 months of show date) must be available on the horse and presented to the show secretary upon check in.

Multiple Entries per Horse

If this horse is being ridden by more than one rider, the first rider should fill out the entry completely including stall and tack stall options, and drug fees. The FIRST rider should select "No" to this question. The SECOND rider should select "Yes" and the fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Rider Information

Or other provincial membership number
If Junior rider, please enter birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy)

Owner Information

Or other provincial membership number
Is the Owner the Person of Responsibility? *
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Maximum upload size: 10MB
You can upload a maximum of 6 files for the rider and owner, if different. (PDFs preferred)

Person of Responsibility

Friday Tests

Please check the classes you wish to enter. Please refer to the prize list for entry rules and eligibility for specific classes.

Saturday Tests

Please check the classes you wish to enter. Please refer to the prize list for entry rules and eligibility for specific classes.

Sunday Tests

Warm-Up Ride Times

Please list yourself and any riders (up to 3 more) that will be warming up in the ring with you.


If this is a second entry for a single horse and stabling is covered on the 1st entry, please select the $0 option
Camping is available for self-contained units. Electricity is available.
For full service camping, please visit the Keystone website.
Do you have an NCCP certified coach?
Enter coach's NCCP Coaching #
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Please read and accept the following: *
If you are using a touch enabled device or a laptop with touchpad you can write your signature, otherwise click the keyboard icon and type your name.
How will you be paying for your show fees? Please select your choice and complete the form. Deposits will hold your entry for 7 days and full payment must be received by e-transfer or cash/cheque to complete your entry.

There are 2 options available through PayPal: full payment or $50 deposit. You will be directed to PayPal to complete your payment with these options.

E-transfer for the full entry fees or $50 deposit payable to

The Offline method will submit your form to the show secretary and you will need to mail / hand deliver your show fee.

WAITING LIST ENTRIES: $50 deposit only to hold place on waiting list.