Silver Wind Stables 2015 clinics

I am going to bring in a few different coaches this year, to see how well received they are, and what riders are looking for.  I am very open to suggestions of other coaches for 2016, as this is going to be a trial year  🙂   Please get in touch with me to book your lessons!


Eddo Hoekstra will be returning to southwest Manitoba May 21-24 for lessons.  Lessons are $175.00 each.  Book early to get the day and time you want!  This may be the only time Eddo is out this year.

In the works

Rayme McMahon will be out in May to do lessons as well, May 8-10 is the unconfirmed dates, but we are still developing that clinic.  Space is limited, lessons to be under $130.00 each.  Potentially $115. She has current training in the western dressage area as well, so hoping we can draw in some western dressage riders too!  If this first clinic fills and everyone enjoys Rayme, we will look to bring her out before the July dressage show.

We are looking to also bring out Carmie Flaherty in August – I need to know if there is enough interest to book her.  Lesson costs should be under $130.00 as well.

Contact info :  Tara Morrison at or call 204-858-2611