Reciprocity with Manitoba Horse Trials

Westman Dressage (WD) members in good standing (defined as having completed all volunteer hours and holds current MHC and WD memberships) are eligible to obtain the following MHT reciprocal memberships:

  • Senior Membership: $0 per annum
  • Junior Membership: $0 per annum (17 years or younger as of January 1, 2018)

These memberships allow WD members to show at MHT Derbies/HT which will include two phases of either Dressage, Stadium or Cross Country, to be held on:

  • May 6 Derby 2018 & July 14-15 @ Birds Hill Park HT Starter and Pre Entry levels only
  • June 10 Derby 2018 & Aug 18-19 @ Willville HT – Starter to Pre Entry levels only
  • Sept 9 Derby 2018
  • October 7 Derby 2018

These reciprocity members will be identified within MHT and will not be eligible for: cross country course schooling, support funding from MHT (for clinics, out of province travel, or athlete development), collection of competition points, year-end awards or voting rights. 

WD in return has offered NO CHARGE memberships to MHT members (in good standing with active MHC and MHT memberships) to be eligible for the following shows:

Members cross-entered between any concurrently running MHT/WD shows are subject to all EC rules, WD show rules, and are eligible for show awards (but not year-end WD awards). MHT members entering into WD shows are be required to submit WD entry forms by required deadlines and are to abide by WD prize lists

This agreement was made official as of January 2018 and can be amended or abolished at any time by either club (affable notification would be preferred by both parties). This reciprocity is valid only in the province of Manitoba during the six dates outlined above.

Any member who subsequently loses good standing with either club involved in the aforementioned reciprocity agreement will not be able to compete with MHT until good standing is returned.