Manitoba Equestrian Championships

The Manitoba Equestrian Championships will be held September 7 & 8 at Bird’s Hill Park Equine Facility. The Dressage portion will be a Bronze Equine Canada sanctioned show. Ring 2 will be used both days. Only selected team members will participate in this show. Team West will include riders from Westman Dressage/Team East will include riders from Dressage Winnipeg.( If for some reason each group cannot field an entire team, then additions can be made taking geography into consideration)

The three Levels involved are:

  1. Training Level- will ride technical tests 2 & 3 each day
  2. Level 1- will ride technical test 2 on the Saturday, test 3 on the Sunday
  3. Level 2- will ride technical test 2 on the Saturday , test 3 on the Sunday

Levels 1 and 2 will ride a Musical Freestyle on Saturday & Sunday .

Training Level will have the opportunity to ride a Fun Freestyle which will not count toward Championship Team points on the Sunday. This will be sponsored by both Dressage Clubs.

Criteria For Team selections:

The best score from each from tests 1, 2 or 3 ( minimum 60%) from one of the shows below will be accepted as criteria. Any of these show scores can be used, but only one score from any of these shows is necessary.

  • Dressage Winnipeg June Show (June 15 & 16) Captain DeKenyeres Memorial Competition
  • Dressage Winnipeg Show (July 7) Held at Pineridge Equestrian Centre( the day prior to the DW Dressage Camp)
  • Westman Dressage Show (July 13 &14) Lemonade Daze
  • Saskatchewan Dressage Association (July 6 – 7) held  Ebon Stables, Saskatoon. Saskatchewan
  • The highest scores from each rider, (Test 2 and 3) will determine who will be invited by their clubs to attend as Team West or Team East members.

Participant Fee of $50.00 For Team Members covers:

* All technical and freestyle tests * free participant Barbeque ticket

* Stall and shared tack stall

Clubs will supply MHC with volunteers for the following positions : whipper in, gate keeper, announcer & scribe.