Bronze Competitions

Bronze competitions are sanctioned by Equestrian Canada.

Riders must have: 

  1. Have a Westman Dressage Membership, Dressage Winnipeg Membership, Pony Club Membership, Dressage membership from another province (e.g. Regina and District Dressage Association and Saskatoon Dressage Association), or Manitoba Horse Trials Membership. 
  2. Have a Manitoba Horse Council Membership or other provincial membership (required for insurance coverage purposes; please provide a copy) 
  3. Have a Equestrian Canada Bronze Sport License (please provide a copy with your entry, listing amateur status if you have amateur status) 
  4. Effective 2022, EC Sport License holders at least 18 years of age must complete recognized safe sport training modules addressing the recognition and prevention of maltreatment in sport and concussionProvide proof of completion with entry. (Safe Sport Environments – see Article A102) 
  5. When registering for EC sanctioned competitions, athletes must indicate the name of their coach on the entry form or specify that they are self-coached. Coaches from other countries, must be in good-standing with their home federation and must declare/have proof of insurance. See Rules of Equestrian Canada, Section A, General Regulations, Article 102, Safe Sport Environments. 

Your horse: 

  1. Is NOT required to have Equestrian Canada identification (Horse Recording – see Article E3.0) 
  2. The horse’s owner must be a member of Manitoba Horse Council or the Provincial Horse Organization where they are from for insurance purposes 
  3. Must have a negative coggins test in the last 6 months. Proof of negative coggins test provided prior to arriving on site. 
  4. All horses attending Equestrian Canada sanctioned competitions must have been administered Equine Influenza and Equine Herpes Virus (1&4) vaccinations within 6 months (+21 days grace period) before arrival at the event. No horse shall receive vaccination within 7 days prior to arrival at the event. Horses not in compliance with this rule may be asked to leave event site at the discretion of Competition Management. Proof of vaccinations must be provided with entry. (See Article A519)